The crucial and radical rules are summarized in just five:
  • Gameinator Wiki is an encyclopedia: Contributitions must be done as an encyclopedia should have.
  • Be creative: You may want to contribute things more effectively, but one thing you must bear on your mind is to be creative.
  • Gameinator Wiki is a free content: Gameinator Wiki allows anyone to edit, use, modify, and distribute. Do not insert anything here which is regarded as non-free by the owner.
  • Editors should respect one another: Contributors should contribute with full of respect with others, no one should harass others. Seek consensus, and avoid edit wars. Remember to assume good faith to others, and act in good faith yourself.
  • Gameinator Wiki does not have firm rules: Unlike some wikis, Gameinator Wiki has virtually no firm rules. Despite having no firm rules, if you get stuck anywhere consulting an admin would be the wisest choice.

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